Catering & Bar Service

     Bar Services

Whether you would like to provide your own alcohol for your bar and just need a bartender or you don’t want to worry about a thing, Imagine Events has the perfect beverage package to suit your needs.

     Catering Services

As event coordinators, we know that one thing people remember about an event is the food. Our list of satisfied clients attests to our success here. We have hand-selected our preferred caterers and are proud to offer our clients extensive menu with the option to customize your menu.

We will be glad to suggest popular menu items for your reception and help you select the right caterer to meet your needs and budget.

Sample menus offered are only a starting point. Feel free to tweak them as you’d like. Call us for your free consultation so we can customize the perfect menu selection for your reception.

Here’s what we offer (please contact us for pricing):


 Choice of 1 meat or 2 meat options- Includes iced tea, water, refried beans, rice, corn or flour tortillas, chips, and salsa.

Tostadas – chicken or beef – 2 per person

Tacos – chicken or beef – 2 per person

Enchiladas – cheese or chicken – red or green – 3 per person

Chilaquiles – chicken or beef – red or green

Red or green mole chicken

Green chiles with cheese and corn

Discada (sirloin stew with vegetables)

Beef or chicken with adobado sauce

Breaded green chiles stuffed with cheese

Shredded beef with red or green chile sauce

Charro beans or criollo beans with a touch or red chile

Shredded pork beef with chipotle spicy sauce (cochinita pibil)



Includes choice of Mediterranean salad or Caesar salad, Iced Tea, water, 1 vegetable, home-made dinner rolls and butter

Lasagna (vegetarian, meat or chicken)

Fettucini alfredo with chicken

Spaghetti with meat balls

Spaghetti with meat sauce

Fettuccini alfredo with chicken

Eggplant Parmesan

Linguini with chicken and tomato cream sauce

Ravioli in cream or red sauce



Includes Iced Tea, Water, one chicken breast and any sauce, 2 side, homemade dinner rolls and butter

Options to add a salad or additional entrée available

Chicken breast with creamy apple gravy

Chicken breast with mushroom sauce

Chicken breast with apricot Dijon sauce

Chicken breast with green chile sauce

Chicken breast with fine herbs sauce

Chicken breast with lemon herb sauce

Chicken breast with a white wine and dill sauce

Chicken breast with asparagus and white wine sauce

Chicken breast with chipotle sauce

Chicken breast with a sweet chipotle sauce

Chicken Marsala

Chicken Jerualem

Chicken breast in mango sauce

Parmesan chicken in pasta


Includes Iced Tea, Water, one meat, two sides, and homemade dinner rolls and butter

Options to add a salad or additional entrée available

Beef salpicon with fresh cilantro, red onion marinade, tostadas and salsa

Brisket with mushrooms and red wine sauce

Brisket with adobado sauce

Any pasta with pesto creamy sauce with chicken or seafood

Ravioli (cheese, vegetarian, lobster) with neapolitan sauce

Chicken or beef fajitas (salsa and tortillas are included)

Brisket with green chile sauce

Seafood lasagna

Brisket with Mushrooms

Coconut and mango rice with jumbo shrimps



Includes one chicken and any sauce, one salad, one side and homemade dinner rolls and butter

Chicken breast filled with artichokes, spinach and gorgonzola cheese

Chicken breast filled with vegetables and tequila sauce

Chicken breast with asparagus and white wine sauce

Chicken breast with pecan sauce

Chicken breast with plum sauce

Tamarind chicken

Marsala chicken

Curry chicken

Chicken breast with blue cheese sauce

Chicken breast with poblano sauce and asadero cheese

Chicken breast filled with pesto and mozzarella cheese and covered with neapolitan sauce



Includes one chicken or meat and any sauce, one salad, one side and homemade dinner rolls and

Chicken Jerusalem

Chicken picatta

Chicken with mango sauce

Tropical spicy chicken

Fettuccini with shrimp and creamy parmesan sauce

Sirloin with plum sauce

Sirloin rolls criollo style

Sirloin filled with vegetables covered with pine nut sauce

Sirloin tips with green chile sauce

Spicy shrimps and chicken pasta

Chicken breast filled with Portobello and covered with mint-almond sauce

Chicken breast filled with mushrooms and cover with pistachio and fine herbs sauce

Chicken breast filled with bell peppers combination and covered with dill sauce


Includes one pork option with sauce, one salad, one side and homemade dinner rolls and butter

Pork criollo

Pork andulacia

Pork sweet & sour

Pork in cilantro sauce

Pork with pecans and almonds

Pork with pecan, raisins, and cranberries with red wine sauce

Pork or chicken breast with balsamic fig and caramelized onion sauce

Pork or chicken with dried cherry sauce

Pork filled with pecan, bacon, pancetta, cranberries covered with mushrooms vinaigrette.


Includes one salad, one side and homemade dinner rolls and butter

Paella (mix of meats, rice and vegetables)

Poblano chile filled with mexican meat stuffing covered with nogada sauce (chiles en nogada)

Green chile filled with seafood, beef or shrimp covered with creamy wine sauce

Fish fillet with France dill sauce with almond

Fish fillet with shrimp and parsley-apricot sauce



Includes one salad and one side.

Homemade dinner rolls and butter are included

Prime rib

Pork filets fillet with blue cheese covered with a spicy sauce

Salmon or shrimp with France dill sauce with almond

Salmon-shrimp combination with sun dried tomato and chevre cheese

Sirloin rolled with smoked salmon covered with spicy tequila-chipotle sauce


 Includes one salad, one side and homemade dinner rolls and butter are included

 Medallions with andalusia sauce

Medallions with pine nut sauce

Medallions with pecan sauc (Two medallions per serving)

Medallions with chipotle sauce

Salmon fillet with white & red wine sauce

Salmon fillet with asparagus sauce

Salmon fillet with capers, artichoke, cream, cherry wine and almonds.

Salmon fillet covered with shrimps, miniature onions, sundried tomatoes and white wine.

Combination of one medallion & 4 oz salmon


 Includes one salad, one side and homemade dinner rolls and butter are included

 Shrimp & rib eye combination

Fillet mignon covered with mushrooms, prosciutto and onions cream sauce

Salmon fillet filled with spinach and Portobello covered with creamy jerez sauce


Choose two sides and salad for $.99 more


Caesar salad with dressing and croutons

La Vianda salad with mixed greens, sweet pecans and almonds, dried fruit

Diplomatic with romaine lettuce, jicama, beats, pecans and cheese

Spring salad with mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese

Caprice with lettuce, tomato, mozzarella

Cantaloupe combination, jicama and pomegranate salad with berry dressing

Spinach salad with walnuts, dried cherries, dried fig, toasted coconut and creamy vinaigrette



Asparagus with ham

   Potato and bacon

Spinach with mushrooms

   Baked sweet potato

Mashed potatoes

   Mashed cauliflower



Green chile with corn

   Red bell pepper


   Mexican tortilla

Tomato cream


Mix of green vegetables


Lobster (market price)

   Yellow bell pepper – almond with a touch of brandy


Mixed grilled vegetables

Mushrooms with white wine sauce

Sweated with fine herbs


Parmesan grilled

Green beans with almonds

Mix Vegetables a gratin

Mix Vegetables with white wine sauce

Baked red potatoes with a touch of dill

Tomato filled with risotto or vegetables (count for 2 sides)

Bell pepper filled with rice, risotto or vegetables (count for 2 sides)


With vegetables, curry, cilantro, or fine herbs

Anise with almonds, mexican, mixed rice, or wild rice

Spring rice, bicolor rice, spinach rice or vegetarian rice

Risotto with fine herbs

Risotto with berries and pecans


Pesto pasta

Fettucini alfredo

Pesto creamy pasta

Pasta with red or white wine

Pasta primavera with bell peppers

Fettucini with red bell pepper creamy sauce

Pasta with vegetables and creamy white wine-dill sauce



Above prices and sample menus are served buffet style

with high quality clear plastic disposable dinnerware and paper napkins.

Add $50 per server for clean up service of tables.


Add $8.00 per person for a semi formal buffet with china and silverware,

buffet servers, glass water glass, glass tea goblet and linen napkin and clean up.

1 waiter per 50 guests for clean up.


Add $10.00 per person for formal service sit down dinner with china and silverware,

silver or gold charger plate, ice water, ice tea goblet, linen napkin, salad table service,

full service wait-staff, and clean-up.

*All prices are subject to change.   Taxes and gratuity additional.

*50% non refundable deposit is required.     Remaining 50% must be paid one week prior to event.

  Prices effective 1-1-2013