Candy Buffet / Dessert Bar

For many people, the measure of a good meal or get-together is sprinkled in the dessert. Give your guests savory choices that they will neither resist or forget.  Impress your guests with an entire dessert buffet.  Why just settle for a slice of cake?


  • Selection of five to six items:  gummies, chocolates, sours, jelly beans, hard candy, vintage favorites, taffy lollipops, rock candy, M&Ms, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, chocolate covered fruit, fruit tarts, mini pies and so much more to choose from!
  • Option to select candies, pastries and desserts to compliment theme or color scheme
  • Various sized and shaped containers strategically placed in various levels
  • Table décor to compliment theme or color scheme
  • Monogram labels on jars
  • Serving utensils
  • Cellophane goodie bags with ties
  • Personalized take-out container (optional)