Lounge Furniture

We rent high quality lounge furniture for all types of special events. A comfortable seating environment is a great addition to any event. Our team of dedicated specialists will help turn your next function into an extraordinary party to remember. Allow us to take your event to the next level with contemporary lounge furniture and give it some “Lounge Appeal”.

Large Set (7 pieces, seats approx. 8 -10 people) – 2 small love seats, 4 ottomans and 1 square center-lit table. $150.00

Small Round Set (5 pieces, seats approx. 4-6 people) – 4 round ottomans that form a circle around a small, round lit table. $100.00

Lit Wall Panel (4’x10’) – Can be set up vertically or horizantally. Adds a great look and dimension to your contemporary event.

Illuminated Bar – $120.00

Lit Shot Carte –